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Othandweni acts as a place of safety where children are placed until suitable families have been found, either through adoptions or foster care. Those children who cannot be immediately placed stay at Othandweni for as long as is necessary.

There is a great need for facilities as a result of incidences of child abandonment, abuse and neglect, increasing number of AIDS orphans and HIV+ babies in need of shelter and special care.

Othandweni takes care of 90 Children and they are divided as follows;

• The nursery provides care for 30 babies and toddlers at any given time, who receive 24- hour supervision by qualified nurses and nursing assistants. Babies who have been found abandoned or neglected are often suffering from a variety of ailments. Where necessary, these babies are nursed back to health while awaiting adoption, foster care or re-unification with their families.

• The Cottages offer supervised care in a family setting to 60 school-going children and teenagers. The aim of the cottage system is to minimise the effects of long-term institutionalised living and to create a homelike environment. There are five cottages divided into age groups: the youngest children are 5 years old and the oldest children are 18. These cottages recently underwent a much needed revamp and were each renamed as houses embracing a number of values core in any child’s development, namely the Houses of Hope, Dignity, Respect, Trust and Honesty. These same values are inculcated and re-modelled to the children on a daily basis.

Tipp focus donated a total of 28 desks and 22 chairs that were used in their library, and office furniture that was shared with their head office in Marshalltown and their branch in Eldorado Park.

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