About Tipp Focus

Tipp Focus helps businesses solve organisational challenges. We do this by providing companies across the country with a range of key services in the consulting, systems integration and technology, professional resourcing, construction and training and development space

How do we do this?

Our business model is based on helping organisations achieve their business goals effectively. We are always on the lookout for shared value opportunities, which has helped us grow and diversify our business while empowering our clients.

Why do we do this?

At Tipp Focus, we believe in excellence in project execution and we are 100% committed to delivering consistent value to our clients and partners.

We want to be your partner, not just your service provider, and we’re here to help you showcase and amplify value to all of your key stakeholders every step of the way.

Purpose and Values

To build a sustainable business with our key stakeholders by offering quality services for the betterment of business, society and our environment for future generations.

  • One vision, shared leadership
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Empathy

Performance Culture

We appreciate independence but we recognise that ownership, responsibility and accountability are crucial in helping our customers achieve success. We also understand that ‘thinking outside the box’ is essential when it comes to solving unique business problems, which is why we encourage creativity within organisational boundaries.

Financial Standing

Tipp Focus recently underwent a restructuring process for operational efficiency reasons. The new structure allows us to segment our core service lines and implement specific strategies for growth and impact. Our continuous revenue stream provides us with the necessary financial muscle to implement projects within the public and private sector.

Quality Management

The customer is at the centre of everything we do at Tipp Focus and we’re driven by the goal of achieving quality results for all our valued clients. We are also ISO 9001 2015 certified.

Our Presence

Our national footprint covers all nine provinces with plans underway to expand into the rest of the continent and develop a more global presence.

Graduate Trainee Programme

The Graduate Trainee Programme at Tipp Focus has been helping university students achieve career success since 2007. As part of this programme, we recruit three to five students from university and provide them with structured on-the-job training for a year. This training gives them the hard and soft skills to take the next step into their career and progress into full-time employment or find employment elsewhere. To date, we have trained over 30 graduate students, all of whom have managed to launch successful careers in various fields.